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Ticks, lice and pythons. Oh my!

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You won't BELIEVE what we ran into this morning on the patio! An 8 foot long skin of a python....who then we found close by. Then later on we found another one. The house resembles a treehouse and very open which leaves a lot of spaces for things to come in and out at their will. I don't even know if snakes are the worse thing we are dealing with. The son Delaney has lice from school, there are ticks all over where we are working outside and spiders as big as your face.

I think I would rather be bitten by a snake while having lice and ticks than have one leg of the spider touch me.

You ask me how I am dealing with it? I have developed tunnel vision. The trick is to not look around anything other than where you need to go or get. The other trick is if you feel a tickle, shake or brush it off without looking at what it is and then just move positions without looking back. It is the only way.

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It is better to have loved

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Have you ever loved something so much and not had it love you back? I am in love with Thomas this new families cat and he won't give me the time of day. What kills me is they told me that he loves to cuddle but I can't get him to get anywhere near me. Of course he likes the allergic doesn't like cats other wwoofer here.

So you might be confused of where I am at the moment. After leaving Tamworth of my lovely retired couple painting all day I arrived in Coffs Harbour to hell. I was scheduled to work for this new family for 2 weeks but I stayed less than 24 hours. I don't really even want to go there but to sum things up they treated me like a slave and didn't believe in global warming. er leaving I decided to vacation for a couple days on the coast and regain my strength back. I headed up to Byron Bay for some beach time. It is a hippy beachside town that is the happiest place on earth. I then found a new farm inland from Byron Bay in a town called Murwillumbah. The family is really lovely especially the wife who reminds me a lot of my sister but louder. We get along great and her place is really cool minus the snakes and spiders. I am living in a trailer out front which is something I can check off a list of mine somewhere. They do have chickens and I have trained them to climb the stairs to my trailer for girl talk.

I am here till the 20th of August then off to another farm a couple towns away and then to Hunter Valley for 2 months and back to riding horses! Then I am going back to Tamworth in November to house sit again and then might spend the rest of the month there. They said invite whomever out to come stay so start looking for tickets! The airport code is TMW.

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kids say

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The past 2 weeks there has been school holidays in Australia which means horse camp at St. George Horse Center (the farm I am living at). Yesterday marked the 5th and last day of the camp we ran here. There were about 10 kids a day and I had about 10 ways to escape...kids are EXHAUSTING. The majority of the kids were angels and grown ups in little peoples bodies but then there were always the bad kids. I have never felt this much exhaustion from ANYTHING else before. I was more tired after camp each day than I was after pulling all nighters in college. So when I finished at 1pm each day (they were only 4 hours a day) I would go watch "Little Britain" for some adult humor and take a nap.

It wasn't SO bad (even though I would rather deconstruct and construct a computer) and I was in charge of the arts and crafts station which I let my inner child out on paper. We painted "good luck" horse shoes, pictures on plain paper, more pictures on plain paper and once they did enough of those they started painting me pictures on plain paper. Kids are very precious I know and I actually got sad when a couple of the girls left since we had such a good time together BUT I don't know how people do it. Maybe that is why the parents pay $55 to drop their kids off for 4 hours?

So that is where I have been and I even attempted to write a blog a couple time because I would have a funny story about what a kid said but I was so brain dead I couldn't write. I guess I can cross off teacher for a possible occupation when I get home. There was a very memorable moment that we all still laugh really hard about. One of the little girls wrote Dawn a letter and lost in translation had written Dear Miss Porn instead of Dear Miss Dawn. The D looked more like a P and I guess Dawn sounded like Dorn to her. It was probably my American (aka Hollywood according to kids) accent that is to blame.

Unfortunetely though the end of the school holiday ends my time in Tamworth. As much as I hate to leave this paradise I am actually running out of time and need to keep moving. The only problem is I can't find a wwoofing farm for August. I know you all still don't even know what wwoofing is but here there are waiting lists for farms. Who is laughing now! I MIGHT be being a little picky since I am only emailing farms with ridable horses and my own self contained accommodation on their 100 acre farm on the coast. Hopefully someone will email soon else I will not be contained and living on the street. I do have about a week and a half left here bc Dawn and Peter are heading out for Sydney for a week to visit their other son. So if you haven't called me yet call me next week else I could go an entire week without speaking to anyone but animals...

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Shark attack

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Just so you all know there has been ANOTHER shark attack. These people are crazy!!! They try to not make it a big deal by only giving the statistics of the fatalities each year but who cares? I think I would rather be put out of my misery rather than dragged around in a sharks mouth. An attack is an attack. Don't listen to them when they say it never happens, because I am here witnessing first hand and it happens ALL THE TIME.

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Good on ya!

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The minute I wished things would get a little livelier horses go missing. This morning I could see one way over yonder in the neighbors property. If I said the neighbor's yard it wouldn't give it justice. I came back inside to call Dawn and ask her what to do. I had forgot the horse's name since I have been making up my own names for them, which made for an awkward phone call:

Me: One of your horses escaped
Dawn: which one?
Me: ummmmmm Fatty???
Dawn: Oh Bonnie?

Which reminds me how do horses get fat off hay? All is well, I got the horse back and Frank came out to repair the fence. He didn't want tea (I tried) BUT I got invited for dinner with him and his wife this weekend on their farm of miniature goats!!

It has been pretty quiet other than the fact I have cleaned their entire house and organized all their cupboards and pantries. I now have started ironing all the linens in the closet, even the dogs blanket hasn't been overlooked. I clearly have started to lose it so I decided to get out and do the tourism thing today. I went and saw the giant golden guitar which is 20 meters high and weighs a 1/2 a ton. It was a bit anticlimactic because McDonald's and KFC were on either side but I can check it off my list.

Righteo, good on ya all!

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