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The Sunburnt Katie

sunny 78 °F

While everyone else was hiding in the shade I was laying out in the sun. I was wearing 45 and I still seem to have gotten a little pink. The sun is nothing to mess with here.

Today was great. We went to Sue's horse show and she competed along with one of her students. They did jumping and it was in cm so I can't really tell you how high bc I didn't understand the entire time I was there. I forgot all about the horse culture. It was very much like any other industry who is who and who is riding which horse. I guess you can't escape it no matter where you go.

When we got back we went for another ride out at their place. Just sent me on my way and told me to go do whatever I want. I did just that. We then had tacos for dinner and then Mike, Jack a roo and me went on a Kangaroo hunt. They have a state park behind their place and we went back there and sure enough we found 10 of them. I documented it bc I didn't believe they actually existed. They really do hop along it is the cutest thing you have ever seen. Then Mike wanted to go poisenous snake hunting but I stopped it right then and there.

Now here I am. Trying to stay awake till all my east coast friends wake up but it is 7am on a Saturday morning so they will be asleep for at least 4 more:) Night.


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Happy Friday (not that it matters to me anymore)

sunny 85 °F

Thanks everyone for the comments I will hopefully be getting back to you as soon as I can. I am getting ready to make some lunch and sit by the pool for a bit after I inspect it for spiders so maybe when I am done with that:)

Today we took the horses out for a ride. There so happened to be a state park behind their house (why wouldn't there be). We took the horses back there and then the trail opened to a huge field and we just did our thing till we had to come back. Riding in an open field like that has been something I have dreamt every day of my life. It is the most liberating feeling. To everyone back home I would compare the feeling to getting the keys to someones home in Maine for the summer!

The rest of the day will be spent haning out and getting the horses ready for the show tomorrow. We have to give them baths and load up the trailer. I will take pictures of course but probably won't be up for a week or so. I need to work on my tan anyways:)

Going to go make some lunch. Thinking of you...

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Somewhere over the rainbow

sunny 90 °F

G'day!!!!! I am alive and never coming home. It is pretty amazing here. Loving my family and the farm I am at. There is the wife (Sue) who I work with everyday, the husband (Mike) who is determined to teach me to surf and their 5 year old son (Jack aka Jack-a-roo).

I am so sore right now it is hard to type. I got to ride yesterday for the 1st time in 10 years and that went better than expected. I think I tried too hard bc I am unable to move today. We have been pretty busy ever since I got here. In the morning we wake up around 7 and shovel poo, feed the horses, bail hay (so hard) and then usually by then we take Jack-a-roo to school and run some errands. We went to pick up a new horse called Mick today to test out. Sue is looking for a new horse to jump. She is an excellent rider and is showing on Saturday and I am going to tag along and watch. Then we usually make lunch and hang out by the pool till kids come for a lesson. She teaches some neighborhood kids and it is pretty cute. They all think I have a funny accent.

I have a room to myself and they only hold 1 person at a time. They include me in on everything they do. I help cook and clean and we all eat together. They are the sweetest family and it couldn't have worked out any better. I DID see my first poisenous spider. Yes I didn't say see my first spider bc I think I did that at the airport when I arrived. I mean there are so many freaking spiders here it makes me want to sleep in saran wrap, but they would probably be in that too. Yes, so I saw my first poisonous spider in MY shoe today. It was ugly and black with a red back. Sue thought it was funny and acted as if she saw them all the time which didn't make me feel better. I did not think it was funny and convinced I am dying even though I didn't actually touch it.

So I am working on getting you all pictures but have come across some hurdles. I brought my lap top thinking I could use that but they don't have wireless internet (nor know what it is). Once I figured out how to tap into their internet the battery on my computer started dying and realized I don't have the right converter for it. Their computer doesn't take memory cards so I have pictures but now waiting for the right converter to arrive here via mail (which could be a while) and then I will upload photos for you!

In the meantime I will be updating this blog whenever I can. You can send me messages through this or my email (egan.katie@gmail.com).

Keep in touch! xo

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