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sunny 80 °F

Was very nice. Saturday the weather was not so great so we stuck around the house and did some reading and attended a lecture with Sue on Hanoverian horse breeding. I probably understood 2 sentences the entire hour but was happy I went bc there was the most amazing carrot cake. Pretty much horse people are their own type of breed. All they talk about is horses and I just kept shoveling carrot cake in my mouth so no one would start talking to me bc my knowledge of horse breeding is a stallion is a male and a mare is a female.

That afternoon Sue and Mike had friends over for a "Barbie". Ps. they don't call shrimp, shrimp but prawns. So, when I made the joke of "throw another shrimp on the barbie" they got very defensive and quickly corrected me that they don't even call it that, but they do say Barbie:)

Sunday was a bit of an adventure. They had a horse show that Jack a roo was competing in for the first time. He was the only contestant in his class so he won first prize. I opted to head to the beach. It was a bit of a trek but I was determined to see the Indian Ocean. I first biked for about 7 miles, then caught a train and then another train and walked a 1/2 mile to the beach. Once I got there I immediately passed out. The beach town was adorable, a lot of young people. It had a strip with all outdoor restaurants and surf shops. The houses around them were very charming and looked pretty expensive but an awesome place to live. There were lots of surfers but everytime I heard a kid scream I was just waiting for someone to yell "shark"! I put my feet in:) Overall the adventure was a good one, the trains were easy to figure out and were extremely nice, but comapred to NYC subways anything is. Lets just say the floor of the train station was cleaner than the floor of my old apartment complex.

It is Monday and I am off to work! Enjoy the last of your weekend! xo.

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No worries

sunny 80 °F

Is the motto here and used for everything. At first I was liberated and embodied the feeling but now after seeing it abused I am worrying.

There have now been 2 shark attacks since I have been here and I have only been here less than 2 weeks. If you would ask any Australian (as I did when I arrived) about the shark attacks they would say "they rarely happen, no worries mate." So I thought it was just Americans making a big deal about nothing again. The first one happened and I figured it was just a freak accident but now that there has been 2, a coinicidence I think not! I am now realizing they say "no worries" to about everything. I find a big black poisonous spider in my shoe, "hey, no worries mate". A tarantula lives in the house, "hey, no worries". My foot just got bitten off by a shark, "hey, no worries". We are supposed to go surfing this weekend and I am debating between what are the chances of 3 shark attacks or "no way mate"!

Yesterday I went for a trail ride into the park behind their house. There are 1,000 acres of trails so you could pratically get lost. At one point I had 5 butterflies and 20 kangaroos in front of me. It was the most amazing site. I will bring my camera next time!


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104 degrees

sunny 104 °F

Yes today was 40 degrees C which converts to 104 degrees F. Have I mentioned how I love the metric system? It is the best thing not knowing how far or long anything is anybody is talking about. I was told we are going 200 km to go pick up their pregnant horse Chica and if I wanted to come. If I would have known I was going to be going on a 4 hour excursion I probably would have said no but I didn't and was so glad I had. We ended up in this po dunk town and the farm looked like Old McDonalds. There was every kind of animal running amuck and it was so enjoyable. Then on our way back Sue likes to stop at gas stations for "treats" when she runs errands. I get a bag of chips and an iced coffee in a choc milk container (they are everywhere here and so good). I couldn't have been happier and even happier when I tried to read the label for the calorie count and that was in metrics too!

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Couple things

sunny 85 °F

I have been recently obsessed with sucking up cobwebs and spiders in the vacuum. I take the hose on the vacuum and go around and suck up all the webs and let the spiders start to get away before i suck them up too. I pray though that the impact when they hit the bag kills them or maybe they eat or fight each other while they are in there. In the kitchen alone today I probaly sucked up 30 + spiders and load of cobwebs. The thing is by the time I am done with the room I will go back to where I started and there will be more up. They don't even notice them here but it is all I can see. Which brings me to my 2nd situation. I was contemplating while I was sucking up all these spiders if karma would have it with me or the spiders told each other who was doing this to them and somehow I would end up with one in my bed. WORSE. WAY WORSE. Some may not believe me, but I saw a tarantula today. Not outside, not in the bush, in their house. Actually in the office where i am right now on the wall. I mean what the *&%$. I know you will ask what I did, I froze. My body froze and I could not move or make a sound. Sue had just gone upstairs to take a nap so I knew I had to distract the spider for an hour so when she could get back and could help me. I just sat here and watched it for an hour. It didn't move and neither did I. Finally when Sue woke up and when I told her she laughed and said "oh ha, that is our pet tarantula". When she saw the looks of terror on my face she knew I wasn't having it. She said it just showed up one day and has been moving from room to room for 5 years now. She said it used to hang out in my room for a while. That is when I laid the law down and said it is me or the spider. She eventually said ok and caught it and put it outside where I will not be going for a couple days.

Australians are not only absolutely out of their minds but they have the most insane creaures. I woke up this morning with a moth in my bed and I thought that was bad. Tarantula on day 6? I am scared, really scared.

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Electronic fart

sunny 85 °F

I have had 2 goals that I wanted to fulfill right away. One was to forget what day of the week it was and the other was to turn off my blackberry. I was planning on calling in the day I left to suspend my service. I was going to leave it at home but then decided I needed to make some last minute calls while I would be waiting at the airport. Then the time came where I had to board my flight in NY and I couldn't do it. At that moment I would have rather someone sever off my pinky than turn my phone off. I decided I needed to check my emails one last time when I got to my layover in LA. I got to LA and finally as the plane door was being shut I called Verizon and office hours had closed. Anyways I still long for a good BBM comversation but overall good ridance. I do feel like a former drug user who's skin crawls when I think I feel my phone vibrating (which my sister calls electronic farts) and I go looking for it. Hopefully by next week I will be considered "clean".

Today was another successful day. They took me to this cute town call Freeport which I would equate to the east village of Manhattan but looks more like San Diego (as in without the rats and chicken bones). We had brunch and some real Australian good coffee which they take very seriously. They don't have drip coffee here it is all esperesso. I had a long black which would be the same thing as a latte. For all you coffee lovers out there this coffee is amazing. Just to give you an idea, Starbucks didn't last here bc everyone thought the coffee was so bad. It is just that good. After brunch we walked around to the markets, they had a farmers and a flea market of some sort. The town is right on the beach and there is also an university. After that we came back and went riding. I did some jumping for the first time in probably 10 years. Was a blast and I can't wait to do it again. Jack a roo is jumping for the first time and probably looks better than me. We gave the horses baths afterwards then got in a full on hose fight with Jack. I ended up drenched from head to toe. We picked some fresh sunflower seeds from the garden to put in a salad, made some dinner and here I am.

Tomorrow is off to work again. My arms don't burn when I type anymore so I think I will be ok for at least the first couple days before I will be sore all over again.

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