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rain 70 °F

Since the minute the family left everything that could fall apart did, including me. Monday morning I manage to trip over the wheel barrow and gash my leg. One of the horses got an abscess which is according to Wikepedia, is a "collection of pus (dead neutrophils) that has accumulated in a cavity formed by the tissue on the basis of an infection." Pretty much the vet had to come cut out the infected area and now I have to pop the blister and let the puss drip out then stick the hose (the hole IS that big) and rinse it out, twice a day. Yes it looks disgusting but it smells even worse. It smells like food that got stuck in the hole where your wisdom teeth were removed. THEN a horse stomped on my foot, can't walk on it and swells to twice the size. Then last but not least I slam my finger in a door and that is when I started to cry. I am no longer afraid of the dark at night I am more afraid of the day now.

My foot is feeling better and I can now fit it into a shoe and the horse's puss is oozing nicely (according to the vet). I think I have everything a little more under control.

Last night I went over for dinner to my new friend Gina from Holland who is also wwoofing down the street. They have a new kitten so I hung out there and then biked home in the pitch dark and my legs were paddling so fast I don't think you would be able to see them. They offered to walk me home but I was too embarassed to say I needed to be walked home at 26 years old, and they only live 2 houses down:) This morning though Gina and I went for a sunrise bike ride and hopefully she comes over later and we can lay by the pool. It is actually raining here for the first time but I don't think it will last long. The weather is a cross between Phoenix and San Diego so everyone is a bit shocked it is actually raining. People drive in the rain like we drive in the snow.

Going to go check on the animals. I have nightmares everynight that a fox has gotten into the chicken coop and I wake up to an empty coop with a bunch of feathers...

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Back in the saddle

sunny 90 °F

Just dropped the family off at the airport and blaring music and drinking a glass of wine to relax and to avoid hearing weird noises.

Just fed the horses and about to lock the chickens up soon. They always come back to their coup at sunset every night. It is amazing how in tune animals are. I guess I could call my NY friends since it is only 6am on a Saturday night so I could probably catch Lexi on her way home....just checking to see if you are reading Lexi:)

After 2 weeks since throwing my back out I finally am back riding again. I rode today for the first time in 2 weeks and it felt so good. I met another wwoofer down the road from Holland. She is also 26 and so we are going to go riding together this week or just hang by the pool:) She said she would keep me company while they are out of town.

Hopefully this week will be quiet, bad for the blog but good for my body.

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Home alone

sunny 95 °F

Starting on Sunday I am house sitting while the family goes to Bali for the week. I have 14 horses, 6 chickens and a dog to keep alive. I can't remember the last time I was alone. I had 4 roomates in NYC and 120 sorority sisters in our house IU....so we are talking maybe 8 years ago? Not to mention I am still afraid of the dark. I will probably just go to bed as the sun sets and wake up as it rises, the animals do anyways.

No I am looking forward to being here and running things. It will be good for me and they gave me their car for the week so I am planning on doing some exploring. Also "He's just not that into you" came out here so I am dying to see that. Has anyone seen it? Is it good??? Plus I will have a week sans the 5 year old boy who learned a new trick at school where it involves him trying to pull my shirt down to see my boobs. For those kid people out there, is this normal?

Alright the sun is setting so I am off to bed:) xo

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When in Rome

sunny 90 °F

For those of you from the midwest, you know those tractors you see driving down the street or maybe you get stuck behind one? Well that was me today, driving the tractor. It was one of those moments I was all by myself but couldn't stop laughing bc I am thinking "where and what am I doing". I had to drop off their tractor down the road to the neighbors to get fixed. On their property I felt as if I was flying, I even braked a couple times to slow down, but once you hit the road it is like snails pace. That was driving on the left hand side of the road #1.

Sue then sprung on me to go run an errand for her which included going on the highway (in her car). Here is driving on the left hand side of the road #2. I get the whole "when in Rome" thing but driving on the left hand side of the road makes no sense. I noticed they even drive their shopping carts and walk on elevators on the left hand side. It feels like patting your head with your right hand and rubbing your belly with the left. The keys are on the left hand side and so is the shifter so you even have to be a bit amadextrious. The whole time I was driving I kept saying to myself "left, left, left". And then it got tricky when I had to make a right hand turn. I would look left while driving on the left then look right then in front and in back and up and down just in case before I turned right then would quickly start repeating "left" again so I wouldnt end up on the right side of the street. I was that car with 10 cars trailing me. I almost wanted to put a sign on the back, like the baby on board so people would ease up a bit. It was super adventurous but I think I like the tractor better:)

Tomorrow we are surprising the dad (Mike) at work with a cake and a singing telegram. It should be pretty funnny and if not there will be cake!

Thinking of you all. xo.

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Spring chicken

sunny 80 °F

Today I went to an osteopath doctor because I threw my back out riding. I guess I am not a "spring chicken" anymore. I waited 5 days hoping it would just go away but it never did so the doc put things back in line today. I am feeling great now and will hopefully be back to things as usual tomorrow.

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