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Gilligan's Island

sunny 90 °F

It is another beautiful day here. It is going to be about 90 degrees today. Everyone else complains about the heat but I die for it. I love dripping in sweat while I work, sleep and eating I am sure would be fine too. It makes me feel like I am doing more than I really am.

Weekend was good. We played Gilligan's Island bc Sue's car broke down and Mike took his car on a surfing trip. He said if he didn't go he would have a melt down. Last week the credit card bill came in and Sue had an expensive month with the horses. Luckily we sold a horse this week and made back some of the money. I guess all men deal with the credit card statement the same way, they get really quiet and introverted. Sue said we would have a fun horse riding weekend and that is exactly what we did. We rode twice a day and went out on the trails. We made cakes, painted with Jack, watched movies and chilled out. I so happened to start the famous Twilight" book. I knew I would be addicted before I started and that is exactly what happened. I started yesterday and already halfway through. The women at the counter when I bought the book told me to just buy the next 3 in the series bc I would be back tomorrow.

Today Sue is at a conference to renew her teaching license so I am back to running the place. We picked up their horse Jack from being turned out for 3 months. Horse racing is very popular here and Sue buys a lot right off the track. They usually tend to be very high strung when they come off so she turns them out to pastures for months so they can chill. Well horse Jack is one of those and now he is back. He is in rough shape since he has been living the bachelor life for a while so I am working him back into shape. He is an angel though. Most of the time trying to put a horses bit in their mouth can be a challenge but he put his head down for me to put the reins over his head and opens nice and wide when he sees the bridal. It BREAKS my heart. He is so sweet. The only problem with him is he can get spooked easily. It happened a couple time but I am learning to just move slowly with him. Sue said she has always thought he was a spiritual horse....

I hope everyone had a good weekend. Thinking of you all EVERYDAY. xoxox.

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semi-overcast 85 °F

Today we went to town (it sounds like we took a horse and buggy) and did some shopping. I went for a bikini and came back with a self help book (typical) and a pair of flip flops (which they call thongs). It is even funnier to hear the parents tell Jackaroo to go put his thongs on. I don't know if it will get old.

My weekend was good and the barby was nice, very tame. Their apartment overlooked the city and the water so it was beautiful at sunset. I retired early at midnight but they said they were up well past 2am. Sunday we met Sue at her horse show and then Mike and I came back early and took one of the horse floats with us. We had Robby a big thoroughbred and mouse the pony. Half way home on the highway Robby started attacking mousie and we had to pull over several times to tie Robby up tighter. When we got home Mouse was all bloody from being bit. I told him to pick on someone your own size! It was pretty scary but after all said and done we were laughing bc people were pulling up next to us on the highway yelling "your horse is eating your other horse".

They say that it is fall now but it was 90 yesterday and 85 today but thee mornings can be chilly. I end up changing three times a day. In the morning I wear pants, long sleeves and a scarf. When the sun comes up I change to a tank top and shorts and to ride I change into my riding pants. All while wearing spf 40 (that is for you mom).

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Shrimp on the barby

sunny 95 °F

Today was "bloody" hot. I would say close to 100 degrees and the sand came to fill up the horses stalls. I think my arms are twice the size they were before I started. Pure muscle!

I got invited to my first sleep over. One of the girls who takes a lesson here is having a "barby" tomorrow night at her place with her husband and friends in the city. She said she is picking me up early afternoon bc she likes to start drinking then. I hope she isn't looking for a solid drinking buddy bc I haven't had more than a 5 glasses of wine or stayed up past 10 since I left New York. Some of you back home would argue I never stayed up past 10 in New York but I know there were a few times! Anyways, she is pretty fun and I am sure I will have more stories than usual on Monday. Sue has a horse show on Sunday and we will both go together, that is if we are feeling up to it.

Today we took the horses out for a ride in the park. One of them got spooked so we had to cut it short. It is amazing how they are so big and could crush you yet so stupid they don't know they are capable. The other day one of the horses got spooked by its own poop. This horsemanship show I was watching did a cognitive behavioral
test on horses and compared its intelligence to a gold fish. I mean you would have to be pretty dumb to have someone get on your back and wack you around with a stick day after day.

Well I hope everyone enjoys their weekend.

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Most isolated city in the world

sunny 80 °F

After a couple days of no internet at the house I was finally feeling why they call Perth "the most isolated city in the world". I first turned off my phone, then no internet and if they would have taken coffee away from me I might as well jump in the ocean. Which reminds me that there was ANOTHER shark attack. On Sunday when I was actually at the beach. They said the boys leg was "mulled". The last couple attacks have been to a navy seal and then the last one was a surf patrol's son. I probably wouldn't even make the news, "farm girl no one knows mulled by shark". So if you don't hear from me for a while either the internet is out or I was eaten by a shark.

You haven't missed much I don't have much news. I have been working, riding, reading and taken care of my chickens. The other morning it got down to 4 degrees Celcius, I don't know the conversions but that is cold. It eventually got up to 80 degrees F that day and 100 next week I hear but the season is starting to turn. Which means I am looking forward to meeting Andy in Bali for a month. He is in Thailand right now getting his scuba divers instructors license. I plan on taking Balinese cooking classes and hopefully learning how to scuba diving with Andy but we will most likely end up playing Sim City 4 the whole time:)

Afternoon nap time:)

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semi-overcast 90 °F

The family is back and the work load has decreased dramatically. Props to Sue for running this place, though she has the body to prove it. Sue is one of those people who can't sit down. By the time she tells me to do something and I put my shoes on to do it she has already done it for me. It is quite an amazing thing to watch since I am the opposite and do things extremely slow. When we pull into the drive way she already has her seatbelt off and is half way out the door before the engine is off. I am the kind of person who likes to nap between tasks. Like my ideal day would be to wake up have a cup of coffee then take a nap. Wake up brush my teeth and wash my face, take a nap and so on...

Today we went riding forst then to the beach. Jackaroo is learning how to surf and I am learning how to put my feet in without them getting eaten by a shark. The water was cold and I was more interested in my ipod and sleeping. The rest of the day will be spent relaxing and reading my guilty pleasure, Thorn Birds. So good I cannot put it down. It is a 900 page book but what makes it even longer is when Jackaroo pulls out my bookmark.

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