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Andy and I are in northern Bali in a dive/beach town called Tulamben. We drove into town to use the internet today since it doesn't exist where we are. We left Ubud about 5 days ago and stopped in a town called Padongbai before coming to Tulamben bc we couldn't find a ride going that far. Padongbai was a cute port town. We ate some good fish, snorkeled and attended a full moon party on the beach. The local Balinese band played for us. The music consisted of some Bob Marley "Don't worry be sexy", Phish and Pink Floyd all in a Balinese accent. You had to of been there. Then after a night we got a ride to Tulamben. Tulamben is about the size of one block but you don't need much when you have the dive spots that they do. Andy took me diving for the first time yesterday. One of the top 5 best days of my life. Once you get past putting the wet suit on it is such a blast. We saw 2 black tip sharks, scorpion fish, lots of colorful star fish, ribbon eels that poke their heads out of the ground like worms. Also the Liberty American war ship sunk off the coast and we went and checked that out. We are going again tomorrow to do a wall of coral and cannot wait. It is like discovering another world you didn't know about. All the fish are so busy down there. At one point we had 10 good size fish following us. I turned around and one was staring me square in the face. Andy said they looked like angel fish.

We will be here for another 3 nights so no internet. When I get back to Ubud I will be sure to upload more photos and write more.

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sunny 90 °F

B for best place on earth.

Individually the aspects that make Bali great are enough on their own but put together and you have heaven. It is so rich with culture, beautiful, nice people, perfect weather and extremely cheap. Cheap as in I got an hour massage today for $6.

It has been awesome since I landed. Andy picked me up in a car he rented for a day for $10. We then drove to our hostel an hour away in Ubud. Ubud is a a city in the middle of Bali and where all the hippies live. It is the cutest thing I have ever seen. Cute shops everywhere, cute people and cute cafe's.

Yesterday we used the car we still had and drove to a volcano an hour away. The best way to drive here is to close your eyes and hit the gas. Lights, signs or lines on the road don't exist. Yet I still have to see 1 accident. So we went to go hike the volcano but could never seem to find how to get close enough. A lot of unmarked roads that led to we don't know where. It was beautiful though with a lake that backed up to it.

Today we went to the monkey park. I uploaded a picture of a monkey on Andy's head. They wouldn't leave him alone and then they got a hold of his money. It was hilarious. Next we got some massages, lunch, nap and went shopping in the market. Pretty much I just make Andy drive me around on the motorbike we rented for the month. It is such a blast. Tomorrow we leave for Pangdanbai in northern Bali. It is on the beach and we are staying there a night till we head more north to where Andy wants to go diving.

Will send more pics when I get there. xo

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Last day

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The day I feared finally came....my last day at Wandering Grove Farm in Wandi, Western Australia. A little piece of heaven in the "most isolated city in the world" that has changed my life forever. I documented a bit of it and have uploaded photos for those of you who enjoy to be visually stimulated.

Before I can explain the happiness I experienced today you must know where my week took me. I know I thought spraining my wrist was bad but the week took a down spiral afterwards. I ended up coming down with the flu on Wed and then with tonsillitis on Friday. Long story short got some medication Saturday evening already feeling good and Sunday morning couldn't be happier. I won't go into details of what the flu entailed but it was not fun nor pretty. I just have one thing to say....for those of you out there and you know who you are who call your sniffles which is a cold "the flu" I will hunt you down next time. You discredit the people who get the flu and they deserve every bit of that word. They don't go and use tuberculosis to help exaggerate their condition. I will end there before I get too wound up thinking about it anymore.

Today I felt like I could climb Mt Everest I felt so good. I had forgotten what "normal" felt like but I knew it is worth every breathe. The new Wwoofer Christine from Germany came on Friday. Today I gave her the run down on how the place operates. We then went on a ride, my last out in the bush. I chose a smaller size horse incase for a shorter fall. It was a blast of course and then we all hung out with the family all afternoon. Mike then made an amazing farewell dinner with fresh fish and grilled veggies, champagne and pie and ice cream to top it off. I feel I have become a part of the family and now saying good bye is so tough bc I may never see them again. They want to drive the coast of California so I told them they could stay with you mom and dad, hope that is cool:)

To make the break cleaner I do get go to Bali for a month and be with Andy. One great chapter to the next.

I could end my trip now and be completely satisfied but luckily I still have more time. I have shed a lot of my old self and am feeling refreshed and moldable again. Who knew the recipe for happiness was only a sky full of stars, animals, and friends who make you laugh.

My day is headed your way for all you westerners. I hope it is as good to you. xo

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This is going to be short and sweet since I am one handed typing. So.... I got bucked off a horse on Monday in my jumping lesson. Fell head first landed on my left wrist. Good news is I got xrays yesterday and it isn't broken! It is a true test in patience and I am learning to stop and smelll everything bc it takes me that long to do anything. It is amazing what team players your feet are, they have substituted my left hand when in need. I actually want to dedicate this blog entry to our feet, they have a thankless job.

Anyways, the new wwoofer is coming on Friday I guess it is good timing since I am not much help anymore. I am training her all weekend before I leave on Monday. Then I will be home free since I will have Andy to wait on me. No the wrist is getting better everyday. Today I am able to pick up light things with it such as a kleenax or turning a page on my book. I am thinking by Friday I will be back up on the horse and ready for more abuse!

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Jumping lesson

sunny 80 °F

This week has been a little intense. Remember "Old McDonald's Farm?" Well Sue's friend who lives there died this week. It was one of her best friends and she was such a neat woman. She had a heart attack on Wed morning. Sue is already busy enough but is dealing with it by filling her time up even more. It was a reminder for me to cherish everyday.

Sue even managed to fit in giving me a jumping lesson which I was dying to do. I rode Zack and he was very patient with me. It must have been a good 10 years since I had jumped. Sue got some good pictures I have uploaded. I was not only trying to stay on but not make a horrific face while I was doing it...be easy on me.

Then I am also working one of the ponies who is a little out of control for the young kids so that is a fun project for me. Sue has been giving me some good tips which has helped me improve a lot. We are also working on selling one of her horses. This one is a real monster of a horse and I will be happy when it is out of here. It made me cry while riding it the other day. It is young and green....think it Jackaroo was a horse...

Today we had a bday party of little kids come and take a trail ride and later today there is another trail ride scheduled with a bunch of her students. I am planning on cleaning her car out bc I have been dying to do it and she said she would repay me with another jumping lesson!

Last night they had some more friends over for a bbq. They wanted me to make an authentic american apple pie. Sue is allergic to gluten which can make baking a bit difficult. Good thing I am not vegan anymore else a gluten and dairy free pie is like building a house without nails. It ended up being super tasty with a little ice cream to help:)

I am off to finish the second book in the Twilight series. I can't seem to stop myself. I sometimes pretend to go to the bathroom to just get one more page in.

Enjoy your weekend! xo.

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